In 2014, we moved into our newly constructed state of the art warehouse. We are now located in Burlingame, the heart of the peninsula, which strategically makes us more accessible to our customers in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. This warehouse is twice as large as our previous location which allows us to better accommodate the needs of our current and future customer base.

The warehouse hosts a built-in cutting edge refrigeration system that boasts energy efficiency, sustainability, and is under 24/7 monitoring. The system features variable speed compressors, which allow the refrigerators to run as needed according to temperature. This in turn conserves about one half of the amount of energy than standard compressors. Our loading docks are also refridgerated which allows us to transfer our goods without compromising quality.

Our effort to reduce our carbon footprint did not end with the completion of the warehouse but instead is a continuos process. In 2017
, we installed and implemented solar panels.

As you can see, in addition to our commitment to quality products and superior service, we are fully aware of our responsibility to be the most environmentally friendly facility we can be for our neighbors and broader community.